Counter Space
is a community forum, global art and education project. Build community, creation and awareness by posting and sharing ideas for participatory artworks, situations, and interventions on the community forum.

The Spatial Reclamation Project
is a no-profit collective. Space Rec assists in organizing the creation of participatory public art works, situations, and interventions to raise a critical awareness of the global political economic forces that shape our “everyday” environment.

Counter Space recognizes that there is a premeditated logic that goes into city planning and architectural design and that that logic is tailored to meet the objectives of a free-market economy. Thus, there is a conscious architectural attempt to spatially organize different social demographics. It is for this reason that we have different districts and neighborhoods within our cities and suburbs. Unfortunately, this separation prevents people from different sub-cultures and socio-economic backgrounds from interacting, deeply undermining communication, tolerance, and democracy.

The aim of The Space Rec Project is to restore communication, uphold and strengthen the ideals of a free and democratic society, and to raise an awareness of the cultural, political, ideological, economic, and physical development of public spaces through the artistic and symbolic reclamation of place.

Get involved: The Spatial Reclamation Project depends on community origination, initiation and interaction. Share your ideas and get involved by participating in The Spatial Reclamation Project through the CounterSpace Forum.

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