This is our recommended bogliste  lista de libros قائمة الكتب boekenlijst  la liste des livres  書籍情報Buch Liste  λίστα βιβλίων  पुस्तक सूची список книг  elenco di libri  图书清单  boklista  seznam knih  buku daftar  danh sách sách  BOOK LIST

*so read it. YARRRRR.

read art

Mutations -Rem Koolhass Harvard Project on the City

One Place After Another: Site Specific Art and Locational Identity -Miwon Kwon

Participation: Documents on Contemporary Art -Claire Bishop

Relational Aesthetics -Nicolas Bourriaud

Verb: Crisis -Architecture Boogazine

Arte Povera

Situationists International

Expanding Architecture: Design as Activism -edited by Bryan Bell and Katie Wakeford

The Aleph and Other Stories -Jorge Luis Borges

read radical geography & political economy

Third Space -Edward W. Soja

Securing the Spectacular City -Timothy A. Gibson

City of Quartz -Mike Davis

Geographies of Exclusion -David Sibley

In Place Out of Place: Geography, Ideology, and Transgression -Tim Cresswell

Mutations -Rem Koolhass Harvard Project on the City

Spaces of Hope -David Harvey

The Politics of Public Space -Setha Low and Neil Smith

The Right to the City: Social Justice and the Fight for Public Space -Don Mitchell

Verb: Crisis -Architecture Boogazine